Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Component Architecture

Connector for Novell GroupWise actually consists of a number of queues, and two separate services:

These services work with the Microsoft Exchange MTA Stacks service (MSExchangeMTA), also known as the Exchange message transfer agent (MTA), to send messages and directory updates between GroupWise and Exchange.

Exchange Queues

The GroupWise connector provides the link between Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server and GroupWise. On the Exchange side, the Exchange MTA moves messages to and from the following queues.

Queue Description
MTS_OUT Holds outbound messages that are destined for the connector.
MTS_IN Holds inbound messages from the connector. The connector converts them to Exchange format.

Tip   You can view the queues for all messages pending transfer. You can also return messages to the originator by deleting them from the queue.

The Connector for Novell GroupWise service polls the MTS_OUT queue for messages to be sent to GroupWise, and moves them to a connector queue. The connector also polls the connector queues and moves incoming messages to the MTS_IN queue.

Connector Queues

The following diagram is an overview of the connector components and queues involved in message transfer and directory synchronization between Exchange and GroupWise.

Enlarge figure

After the Connector for Novell GroupWise service picks up messages from the MTS_OUT queue, the connector converts all message types from their native Exchange format to the format required by Novell GroupWise. The Router for Novell GroupWise service is responsible for moving messages from folders in Connector for Novell GroupWise to the appropriate folder in GroupWise 4.1 API Gateway NLM. The API gateway receives the messages through appropriate folders and distributes them accordingly. If the message is sent to a group, the group is expanded at this point.

Note   The Router for Novell GroupWise service will pause for 3 minutes and attempt to reconnect if the NetWare server to which it is connected is unavailable.

The queues in the figure can be found in the \Exchsrvr\Conndata\GWRouter folder.

The following table describes the queues and items that are routed through each one.

Queue Description
Mex2gw Messages to GroupWise recipients.
Mex2gwa Attachments to messages to GroupWise recipients, including message that are transported as attachments.
Gw2mex Messages to Exchange recipients.
Gw2mexa Attachments to messages to Exchange recipients, including messages that are transported as attachments.
Togwise Directory synchronization and free/busy information sent to the API gateway.
Dirsync Directory synchronization information from the API gateway.
Badfiles Files sent by the API gateway that could not be delivered to Exchange Recipients. These messages could not be processed by the Router for Novell GroupWise service.
Archive This folder (which may or may not be present) is used primarily in troubleshooting problems for the connector, such as capturing malformed messages.

Note   An additional queue called Freebusy is used by the Calendar Connector, which is available for Exchange version 5.5 only. The Calendar Connector supports querying of calendars between Exchange and GroupWise. Thus, if you want to query GroupWise calendars, you need to maintain a mixed-mode Exchange organization, and route calendar queries through the Calendar Connector on Exchange 5.5.

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