Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Item Conversion

Connector for Novell GroupWise converts messages from native Exchange message types to corresponding message types in GroupWise. The following table shows how mail items are converted between messaging systems.

Note   Exchange prevents multiple messages from being sent to the same user. Multiple messages are sent when a user is listed more than once in the address fields of a message. For example, a user may be addressed directly, but may also be a member of a group that is sent the message. However, a GroupWise user receives duplicate messages in these instances.

Feature GroupWise To Exchange Exchange to GroupWise
Messages Yes.

Note   If a GroupWise user includes an attached message that contains additional attachments, the subsequent attachments are discarded.


Note   Embedded objects in messages sent by Exchange become attachments. These attachments, if embedded more than one level, appear as attachments of the primary message.

Message delivered receipt Yes. Yes.
Message read receipt Yes. Yes.
Non-delivery report Yes. Yes.
Importance Yes. Yes.
Sensitivity Yes. Yes.
Reply-to option N/A Messages can be sent from the Exchange client with a property set to direct replies to a user rather than the original sender. GroupWise does not support a reply-to option, thus any reply to a message sent from Exchange to GroupWise with the reply-to option set will be sent to the original sender rather than the user specified in the reply-to field.
Meeting requests Appointments appear as meeting requests. Meeting requests appear as appointments.
Meeting acceptance Yes. Yes.
Meeting decline Yes. Yes.
Meeting tentatively accepted Appears as accepted. Appears as accepted.
Meeting request read Yes. Yes.
Meeting request delivery Yes. Yes.
Recurring meetings No. One copy of the meeting is sent; the body mentions that the meeting recurs.
All-day meeting request Notes appear as message with the date and subject in the message. All-day meeting requests appear as notes in GroupWise.
Meeting updates These are new meeting requests containing the word "Updated" in the Subject line. These are new meeting requests containing the word "Updated" in the Subject line.

Note   Meetings that have been sent from Exchange to GroupWise users cannot be automatically updated in GroupWise because of a limitation of the API gateway.

Meeting reminder times No. No.
Meeting cancellations No Cancellations appear as message.
Task request Task requests appear as message. Task requests appear as message.
Phone message Appears as message. N/A.
Signed and encrypted messages N/A. Not supported by the GroupWise connector.
Other messages Defaults to message. Defaults to message.

Note   AutoDate functionality is not supported by the GroupWise API gateway.

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