Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Message Delivery

The field of messaging has expanded from simple e-mail to encompass a wide array of message types. Connector for Novell GroupWise supports the transmission and mapping of different message types between Exchange and GroupWise. Messages that cannot be mapped to an analogous message type in the target domain are converted to e-mail.

Sending Messages from Exchange to GroupWise

The following illustration and corresponding steps detail the process of sending messages from Exchange to GroupWise.

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  1. Exchange determines that the recipient is in a GroupWise domain and the message is sent to the appropriate connector.
  2. The GroupWise connector converts the message into the appropriate API gateway format and sends the message to the Mex2gw queue. Attachments are sent to the Mex2gwa queue.
  3. The Router for Novell GroupWise service takes messages from those folders and transports them to the API_IN and ATT_IN folders in the API gateway.
  4. The GroupWise API gateway transfers messages to the GroupWise MTA in native GroupWise format, which delivers them to the recipient.

Sending Messages from GroupWise to Exchange

The following illustration and corresponding steps detail the process of sending messages from GroupWise to Exchange.

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  1. When a message is sent to Exchange users, GroupWise matches the domain portion of the message address with the Exchange foreign domain. (The Exchange foreign domain represents Exchange within GroupWise, and must be configured in GroupWise.) Next, GroupWise checks the link configuration table to find out how to route the message to the Exchange foreign domain. The link table specifies that all mail destined for the Exchange foreign domain goes through the API gateway.
  2. The router picks up the message including any attachments from the API_OUT and ATT_OUT directories, and moves the files over to the Gw2mex and Gw2mexa queues on the Exchange server.
  3. The connector then converts the message from GroupWise API format to Exchange format.
  4. The message is then sent to the Exchange MTA to route the message accordingly.