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Create and Configure the API Gateway for GroupWise 4.x

Use the GroupWise Administrator utility (Ad.exe) to create and configure GroupWise 4.1 API Gateway NLM for GroupWise 4.1 or later.

Be sure to select the following parameters:

  1. In the Gateway ID section of the Gateway Information property page, type a GroupWise name that is unique within the GroupWise domain (for example, "API"). This is the name for the API gateway within GroupWise.
  2. In Directory, type the name of the directory where API gateway files are installed.
  3. Be sure that Time Zone is set to the same time zone used by the Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server that runs the GroupWise connector.
  4. In the Settings section, click Specific to open the API Gateway Configuration property page.
  5. Change the root directory paths in the Gateway File Paths section to absolute paths, in the form Server name/Volume:\Path. The default paths are drive paths that are relative to the GroupWise client.
  6. In the API Gateway Configuration property page, in Addressing Format, click Component, and then click OK.
  7. In the Settings section, click Time to open Gateway Time Settings.
  8. In Idle Sleep Duration, select a value of 5 seconds or less, and then click OK. (1 second is recommended.) This setting controls how often the API gateway is checked for messages. This should be adjusted to fit your performance requirements. Selecting the lowest number possible is recommended.
  9. In the Settings section, click Optional.
  10. Make sure that Directory Synchronization is set to No.
  11. In Directory Exchange, click Yes. In Outbound Status Level, click Full, and then click OK.

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