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Create and Configure the API Gateway for GroupWise 5.x

Using NetWare Administrator, create the gateway in the GroupWise domain that you are connecting to with Connector for Novell GroupWise.

  1. In NetWare Administrator, on the Tools menu, click NDS Browser.
  2. Select the GroupWise domain that is connecting to Exchange. On the Object menu, click Create.
  3. Click GroupWise Gateway Internet Agent.
  4. In Create GroupWise Gateway/Internet Agent, click Gateway. Be sure Internet Agent is canceled.
  5. Note   This property page is referred to as Create GroupWise Gateway in GroupWise versions 5.0 and 5.1.

  6. Type a Gateway Name that is unique within the GroupWise domain (for example, type "API").
  7. In Gateway Home Directory, type the name of the directory where gateway files are installed.
  8. Be sure that Time Zone is set to the same time zone used by the Exchange server that runs the GroupWise connector.
  9. In Database Version, click 4.x. (This refers to the Gateway version.)
  10. In Platform, click NetWare Loadable Module.
  11. In Gateway Type, click API.
  12. Click Define additional properties, and then click Create. This opens the GroupWise Gateway/Internet Agent property page.
  13. Click Optional Gateway Settings.
  14. In Directory Sync/Exchange, click Exchange. This means that GroupWise will wait until prompted to send a directory update to Exchange.
  15. In Convert Status to Messages, click Yes. If you don't, Exchange will not receive status messages such as delivery receipts.
  16. In Outbound Status Level, click Full.
  17. Click Required Parameters.
  18. Change the root directory paths in the Gateway File Paths section to absolute paths, in the form Server name/Volume:\Path. You can find the UNC path to the Gateway on the Information property page. The default paths are drive paths that are relative to the GroupWise client.
  19. In Addressing Format, click Component.
  20. Click Gateway Time Settings.
  21. In Idle Sleep Duration, select a value of 5 seconds or less. (1 second is preferred). This will reduce the time taken by free or busy queries, and directory synchronization.
  22. Click OK to complete the configuration.

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