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Create an External Foreign Domain in GroupWise 4.x

The external foreign domain is the location in GroupWise into which Exchange users are propagated. All changes made in Exchange are propagated to the designated GroupWise foreign domain. Changes made directly to users that are imported from Exchange by the GroupWise system administrator will be overwritten by the GroupWise connector.

After you create the domain, you need to select the API gateway as the link between Exchange and GroupWise.

To create an external foreign domain for the Exchange organization and configure the link table:

  1. In the GroupWise 4.x Administrator (Ad.exe), on the Create menu, click Domain.
  2. Type an External domain name that matches the default recipient policy name in Exchange and repeat for other policies if necessary. The name is the first part of the GWISE proxy address on each Exchange organization. You can edit the name on the E-Mail Addressing tab of Recipient Policies. The default name is Exchange.
  3. In Domain Type, click Foreign, and then click OK.
  4. Select the GroupWise domain that is performing directory synchronization with Exchange. This is the domain that contains the API gateway.
  5. On the Action menu, click Edit.
  6. Click Message Server Configuration, and then click Network Links.
  7. For the External domain created in steps 1-3, click Edit Link. In Link Type, click Gateway.
  8. Click the API gateway you have configured, and then click OK.

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