Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Create an NTGateway Group

You need to create a group called NTGateway in the NetWare Administrator program. This is a special group whose membership has Read and Write permissions to the API gateway directories. The router service component of Connector for Novell GroupWise uses the credentials of a NTGateway group member to access API gateway directories.

To create the group:

  1. In NetWare Administrator, on the Tools menu, click NDS Browser. Select a tree and a context.
  2. In NDS Browser, right-click the tree.
  3. Click Create, and then click Group.
  4. Type NTGATEWAY, and then click Create.
  5. In NetWare Administrator, double-click the NTGateway group. In the Members tab, click Add.
  6. Add a NetWare user with administrative rights to the Novell NetWare server that is hosting GroupWise. This same user's credentials must be used on Exchange to specify the connection to GroupWise.

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