Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Connect to Lotus Notes

The Microsoft Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes connects an Exchange 2000 organization with a Lotus Notes messaging system. In addition to allowing the exchange of messages between the two systems, the connector provides:

The Notes connector runs as a Windows 2000 service on a single Exchange server. It uses a Lotus Notes release 4.x or 5.x client on the Exchange server to establish a network connection to a Lotus Notes/Domino server. The Exchange server on which the connector is installed and the Notes server computer with which the connector communicates directly are called bridgehead servers. The connector can also connect downstream Exchange organizations with Notes domains.

You configure and manage the connector using the System Manager snap-in. You can manage the connector from the server running the connector, or from a remote Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2000 Professional computer.

Important   Modifications to the connector configuration, such as changing the import container, can take up to a minute for the connector to detect.

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