Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Grant Editor Access to Name and Address Books

If the Notes connector uses the same Name and Address Book for the source and target Address Books, the connector requires Editor access with Delete documents privileges to modify the Address Book.

Note   In Lotus Notes release 5 (R5), the Name and Address Book is called Domino Directory.

If you configure separate source and target Name and Address Books, the source Name and Address Book requires only Reader access. In this case, only the target Name and Address Book requires Editor access with Delete documents privileges.

To grant the connector Editor access to the Name and Address Books:

  1. Select the database icon for the Name and Address Book.
  2. On the File menu, click Database, and then click Access Control.
  3. Type the administrator password.
  4. Add the connector's user ID to the Access Control List.
  5. Select the connector in the list, and then change Access to Editor or Reader, depending on your configuration.
  6. Click Delete documents, and then click OK.

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