Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Grant Reader Access to Notes Databases

By default, when a Notes doclink is included in a message to an Exchange user, it is converted to an RTF attachment. You can also have doclinks sent as OLE attachments or, in the case of documents, views, and databases on Lotus Notes/Domino servers, as a Web hyperlink.

When the doclink is sent as an RTF attachment, the connector's Notes user ID must have Reader access to the document associated with the doclink. This means that the connector must have Reader access to the database containing the document, to the view that the sender selected the document from, and to the document itself.

If you configure the connector to send doclinks as RTF attachments, you must grant the connector Reader access to selected databases; otherwise, the attachment that is appended to the message will contain an error message. You can either add the Notes user ID created for the connector to an appropriate group in the Public Name and Address Book or update the Access Control List of each database directly.