Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Install the Notes Client

Because the Notes connector requires access to Notes client program files, you must install the Notes client on the Exchange server on which you installed the connector.

Important   Make sure the Notes client language is the same language used by the Lotus Notes/Domino server.

To install the Notes client program:

  1. From the Notes installation point, double-click the Notes Install program.
  2. Install the client software. If you are installing Notes client release 5 (R5), select Domino Administrator. This option also installs the Notes client.
  3. When configuring the client after installation, provide the connector's user name or ID file for identification.
  4. Note the location of the Notes.ini file (drive:\Lotus\Notes\ by default). You will need this information when you configure the connector.
  5. Verify that the drive:\Lotus\Notes\ directory is added to the system path. To locate the Notes client installation, the connector searches the system path on the Exchange server.
  6. Start the Notes client and verify that you can establish a connection to the Lotus Notes/Domino server.

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