Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Enable a Notes Server to Route SMTP Traffic Through Exchange

When you connect an Exchange organization to a Notes system, Notes can use the Exchange organization as a backbone network to communicate with the Internet.

To enable the Lotus Notes/Domino server to route Internet-bound (SMTP) traffic through Exchange:

  1. Start Domino Administrator. If you are using a release 4.x client, on the File menu, click Tools, and then click Server Administration.
  2. Open the server's Configurations document.
  3. Click the Router/SMTP tab.
  4. Select the server, and then click Edit Server Configuration.
  5. Disable the setting titled SMTP used when sending messages outside of the local internet domain.
  6. Under Messaging, open the Domains document.
  7. Click Add Domain.
  8. On the Basics tab, create a foreign SMTP domain.
  9. On the Routing tab, under Internet Domain, type *.*.
  10. Under Domain Name, type the Exchange foreign domain name. The default name is Exchange.

Tip   Because Internet-bound messages from Notes users are routed through the Exchange organization, the connector appends @smtp@Exchange_foreign_domain to the e-mail address of each Internet recipient. (For example, becomes, if the foreign domain name is Exchange.) Although this information does not affect message routing, displaying it may confuse some Notes users. To suppress this information, you must add a key value to the Windows registry. For more information, search the Microsoft Support Knowledge Base for article Q251955.

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