Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Configure the Notes Connector on Exchange

After you install Connector for Lotus Notes on an Exchange server, use the System Manager snap-in to configure the connector to enable it to communicate with Notes.

Important   Before you can configure the connector, you must create a Notes user ID for the connector on the Lotus Notes/Domino server, install the Lotus Notes 4.x or 5.x (R5) client software on the Exchange server on which the connector is installed, and configure the Lotus Notes/Domino server.

  1. Set up the connection to the Lotus Notes/Domino server.
  2. Enable Notes proxy addresses in the appropriate recipient policy.
  3. Specify the import container for Notes objects.
  4. Specify export containers for Exchange addresses.
  5. Configure message routing.
  6. Set the directory synchronization schedule.
  7. Specify the Notes Address Books you want to synchronize.
  8. Control the propagation of Notes groups to Exchange.
  9. Synchronize the directory information. This identifies the Exchange organization as a foreign domain to Notes and exchanges directory information between the two messaging systems.
  10. Test the connection between the Exchange organization and the Notes system.
  11. (Optional) If your Exchange organization contains one or more downstream Exchange servers, Lotus Notes E-Mail Address Generator automatically replicates to these servers after you install the connector. However, if you need to connect downstream Notes domains to your Exchange organization, you must identify those domains to the connector.
  12. (Optional) Choose how Notes doclinks are represented in messages sent from Notes to Exchange.
  13. (Optional) Restrict the flow of messages from Exchange to Notes.
  14. Start the connector service.

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