Managing Recipient Settings

Managing Recipients

Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server recipients are administered from Active Directory Users and Computers and Exchange System Manager. Although it is possible to manage recipients from earlier versions of Exchange using Exchange Administrator Program, it is recommended that you administer all recipients from Active Directory Users and Computers and System Manager.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

How do I manage Exchange recipients?

Exchange 2000 adds Exchange-specific tabs to Microsoft Windows 2000 tabs. You can use these tabs, as well as Exchange Task Wizard, to manage Exchange recipients. More

Can I set message size restrictions?

Yes. For mailbox-enabled users, you can set maximum size limits for incoming and outgoing messages. For mail-enabled users, you can set the maximum size of messages. More

Can I select protocol settings?

Yes. You can select protocol settings or select default protocol settings for the Internet Message Access Protocol version 4 (IMAP4) and Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3). You select protocol settings for mailbox-enabled users on the Exchange Advanced tab of the user Properties dialog box. Click Protocol Settings, select a protocol, click Settings, and then select Use protocol defaults, or select the protocol settings available from the Protocol details dialog box. More

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