Managing Recipient Settings

Applying E-mail Message Policies and Mailbox Policies to the Same Users

E-mail message recipient policies and mailbox recipient policies are similar in that to create each one, you must first define policy membership. Defining policy membership is done by filtering users in your organization. You define filter rules and these rules are used to search Active Directory for all users and groups who match your criteria. You can apply a policy to all users at a particular branch office, for example, or to everyone in the accounting department whose mailbox is located on a particular server.

After a policy membership is established, you can apply both an e-mail address recipient policy and a mailbox recipient policy to the same filtered group.

Change Property Pages Command

To apply an e-mail address recipient policy to users already configured for a mailbox recipient policy, or vice-versa, right-click the policy in System Manager, and then click Change property pages. This will open the New Policy dialog box. Under Property pages, only one of the check boxes will be selected, E-Mail Addresses or Mailbox Manager Settings, depending on the type of recipient policy it is.

Click to select the other check box, and an extra tab is added to the Properties page of the recipient policy. E-mail address recipient policies will have a Mailbox Manager Settings (Policy) tab added to their Properties pages, and mailbox recipient policies will have an E-Mail Addresses (Policy) tab added to theirs. Use the new tabs to configure the new e-mail address or mailbox recipient policy, and, when you are finished, the membership of the orginial policy will have two recipient policies applied to it.

Tips   The New Policy dialog box also appears when you create a new recipient policy. At that time, you can select both check boxes and configure both types of recipient policies for the new policy membership.

You can choose to show all relevant recipient policy tabs on the Properties page, or you can hide either the e-mail address or mailbox tab. To change the tabs shown, right-click the policy, and then click Change property pages. In New Policy, select or clear the corresponding check box as appropriate.

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