Managing Recipient Settings

Mailbox Management Process Options

When Mailbox Manager finds items that exceed the mailbox recipient policy's age and size limits, you have several options about what to do with those items.

The following chart describes the drop-down menu options available on the Mailbox Manager Settings (Policy) tab of each mailbox recipient policy:

Option Description
Move to Deleted Items folder Messages are moved to the Deleted Items folder in each client mailbox. Messages are deleted as if by the client.
Move to System Cleanup folders When this option is selected and messages that exceed the age and size limits are detected, Mailbox Manager creates a partial replica of the mailbox's folder hierarchy under a root folder called System Cleanup. Affected messages are moved into the appropriate subfolder of the System Cleanup folder. This feature gives users a way to recover recently deleted items without losing information about the items' original folder location. Also, because e-mail clients usually have an option to empty the Deleted Items folder when they log off, having Mailbox Manager move deleted items to the System Cleanup folders ensures that recovery periods for deleted items, configured by the mailbox manager administrator, are actually respected.
Delete Immediately Messages are immediately deleted from client view, without being moved to either the Deleted Items or System Cleanup folders.
Generate report only No messages are moved or deleted, but an administrator report is generated which indicates the mailboxes that contain items exceeding the limits defined by the mailbox recipient policy. This is the default selection.

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