Managing Recipient Settings

Applying a Recipient Policy

When you add or edit an e-mail address, or select a different primary address, on the E-Mail Addresses tab of the recipient policy Properties dialog box, you are asked if you want to update all corresponding recipient e-mail addresses. By clicking Yes, the recipient policy you modified is applied to the recipients defined by the policy. However, e-mail addresses previously configured for these recipients will be demoted to secondary addresses.

If you have more than one recipient policy and want to apply a different recipient policy to a recipient, you must either decrease the priority of the recipient policy currently applied to the recipient, or increase the priority of the recipient policy you want to apply.

If you want the recipient policy to affect only a few recipients, you can choose recipient categories or you can create custom recipient categories based on attributes.You must then make the priority of the new recipient policy higher than the priority of the current recipient policy applied to the recipients you are targeting.

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