Managing Recipient Settings

Mailbox Recipient Policies

Mailbox recipient policies enforce corporate e-mail retention policies. When you create a mailbox recipient policy, you configure the Exchange Mailbox Manager to move or delete messages from some or all folders in users' mailboxes. For each recipient policy you create, you can define the membership of the recipient policy and select whether you want to delete messages based on age, size, or both. You can also choose to notify clients that their mailboxes were cleaned, and you can choose to have reports sent to an administrator.

Notes   Mailbox Manager can only process local mailboxes. It cannot be used on mailboxes located on other servers.

Mailbox recipient policies can only be created on Exchange 2000 servers running Service Pack 1 (SP1) or later. Exchange 2000 servers without SP1 will be able to view mailbox recipient policies on other servers, but they will be unable to manage them and the mailbox recipient policies will appear as e-mail address recipient policies.

For help with specific tasks concerning mailbox recipient policies, see How To.

For general background information on recipient policies, see Concepts.

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