Managing Recipient Settings

Understanding Details Templates

Details templates control the appearance of the Address Lists views that appear when a user requests to see recipient properties in Address Lists. Exchange 2000 provides the following details templates:

You can modify details templates to customize the way information about recipients appears. You modify a details template by changing one or more of the template's controls. You can either modify an existing template control or add a new template control to change the appearance of an existing details template. Template controls enable you to add or change template labels, edits, page breaks, group boxes, check boxes, list boxes, multi-value list boxes, or multi-value drop-down lists. You can view and modify details templates from System Manager.

You can view the appearance of details templates to verify that the new template control affects the appearance of the template as you intended. You can also change the order of a details template control. This enables you to move template controls from one tab to another.

If you have changed the appearance of a details template by adding, removing, or modifying template controls, you can return to the template settings that were in place when you first installed Exchange 2000. Reverting to the original template permanently overwrites any changes you or another administrator made to that template.

Understanding the Foreign Language Options for Details Templates

During setup, Exchange installs details templates for the following foreign languages:

Important   Other Outlook languages will not be able to display the properties for address list objects.

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