Configuring Message Routing

SMTP Address Spaces

An SMTP recipient address consists of a display name (of up to 55 alphanumeric characters) and the following required information:

Attribute Description Contents
Recipient or mailbox name 1 through 63 characters
Domain name 1 through 255 characters total, comprising the host name and Internet domain names, up to 63 characters each

The recipient and domain name are separated by an at (@) sign. The address type SMTP is entered automatically when you use the Internet address template. You can access the Internet address template in the Recipients container, in Address Templates, by selecting the appropriate language, and then selecting Internet.

Valid characters in an SMTP address include letters (a through z), digits (0 through 9), and hyphens (-). No distinction is made between lowercase and uppercase characters and spaces are not allowed.

Note   Default SMTP addresses for Exchange mailboxes are created according to the default recipient policy. An example of the default SMTP policy is

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