Instant Messaging

View the Server Configuration

You may want to verify the configuration of your Instant Messaging Service deployment.

To view the server configuration:

  1. Start System Manager
    On the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Exchange, and then click System Manager.
  2. Navigate to the Instant Messaging (RVP) folder on one of the physical servers in the console tree.


    1. Server_name
    2. Protocols
    3. Instant Messaging (RVP)
    4. Instant_Messaging_Server_name
  3. Right-click an Instant Messaging server, and then click Properties.
  4. The General tab shows the display name of the Instant Messaging server, the DNS name of the Exchange server, and the name of the IIS virtual server on which the Instant Messaging server is hosted. If Allow this virtual server to host Instant Messaging user accounts is selected, the server is a home server; otherwise, it is an Instant Messaging router.

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