Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server

Using This Documentation

This documentation consists of a collection of topics organized by subject matter. You can access each topic directly from the table of contents in the left pane, from a link from another help topic, from an index entry, from the results of a search, or from your own custom list of favorites.

Finding the Information You Need

Topics contain one of four types of information, each designed to instruct you on an aspect of the subject matter you are interested in.

Topic Type Information
Overview Overview topics contain general-purpose information describing a process, feature, or procedure at a high level. Overview topics are generally associated with a specific node in the table of contents.
Concept Conceptual topics describe in detail how something works. For example, "Understanding Public Folders" is a conceptual topic that describes how you can use a public folder to store messages or information that can be shared among users in your organization. Conceptual topics differ from overview topics in that they deal with a particular subject in greater depth. They also differ from glossary entries in that they describe how things work, rather than what they are.
Process Process topics guide you through a series of procedures for performing a complex task.
Procedure Procedure topics describe how to perform a specific task. You can access procedure topics from the table of contents, from a process topic, from a conceptual topic, or from a link in the user interface context-sensitive help.

Interactive Document Conventions

This document includes many interactive features that you can use to open MMC snap-ins and navigate among the topics in the documentation set, to Web sites, and to other documentation sets. The following table describes the interactive features used in this document:
Feature Function

Use the expand and collapse feature to display and hide text. Click on to display more information on a topic. Then click to hide it again. When you print a topic, all collapsed text is printed.


When you click on the word Navigate, preceded by the symbol, a hierarchical MMC map appears. Most navigation maps do not display steps for connector or administrative groups. If you have connectors installed, or administrative groups enables, you must first navigate to your administrative group or connector before following the rest of the navigation.

When you click on highlighted words preceded by this glossary symbol, the definition of the term appears. Click on the term to close it.
To view topics related to the topic you are reading, click the related topics symbol located at the upper-right corner of the topic, or scroll to the bottom of the topic.
Clicking on highlighted words preceded by the shortcut symbol, starts the associated snap-in. If the snap-in is not installed on your local computer, the documentation cannot locate it and you are given instructions on starting the snap-in from the Start menu.

Glossary Entries

Glossary entries define terminology. They can be accessed in individual topic links by clicking on terms shown in blue with a , or from the Glossary node in the table of contents.

Printing Topics

You can print single topics from this document by right-clicking the topic in the right pane or in the table of contents and clicking Print from the shortcut menu. You can print a group of related topics by right-clicking a node in the table of contents and clicking Print from the menu.