Maintaining and Troubleshooting

Server Backups

You should always back up your servers so that you can restore them with minimum downtime if a server is destroyed or if data is accidentally deleted. Use Backup to back up Information Store, databases, your System State, Active Directory, Site Replication Service (SRS), and Key Management Service (KMS). System state is a new type of backup that archives the registry, IIS metabase, and COM+ registrations. In addition, keep records of critical Windows 2000 settings, such as the IP address and computer name.

The type of backup you should use varies depending on the importance of the data being stored. Each type of backup has advantages and disadvantages in terms of data storage, performance, and time requirements. When you plan your backup process, make sure you have sufficient space on your storage media to store all of the files you are backing up. After you have a planned the backup process, you should implement a program to practice your recovery plans. This program should also contain periodic drills simulating disaster recovery scenarios.

You can choose from the following types of backups: