Maintaining and Troubleshooting

Performance Counters

As an Exchange component processes message transactions on your system, it generates performance data that Windows 2000 can track and log. The data is described as a performance object and is typically named for the component generating the data. Every performance object provides counters that represent data on specific aspects of the object; for example, to monitor message processing and connections for SMTP, select a performance object named SMTP Server and then identify the specific component you want to track by selecting a counter named Avg.Retries/msg Delivered. For all performance objects, you can select specific counters or you can track all counters.

The following table lists Exchange features such as Information Store. If you want to monitor the tasks that Information Store performs, you can use Windows 2000 Performance to select the Performance Object in the second column. Use the following table to identify the counters each Exchange component uses.

Feature to Monitor Performance Object Available
Address List MSExchangeAL
Chat Communities MSExchange Chat Communities
Chat Service MSExchange Chat Service
Directory Service Access Cache MSExchangeDSAccess Caches
Directory Service Access Contexts MSExchangeDSAccess Contexts
Directory Service Access Processes MSExchangeDSAccess Processes
Document Conferences MSExchangeCONF
Document Conferencing Manager MSExchangeDcsMgr
Document Conferencing Protocol (Multipoint Control Unit) MSExchangeT.120
Epoxy Queues and Activity Epoxy
Event Store MSExchangeES
File Replication Connector FileReplicaConn
File Replication Settings FileRepSet
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Exchange Server HTTP Extension
Internet Information Services Store Driver Exchange Store Driver (IIS)
Internet Message Access Protocol version 4 MSExchangeIMAP4
Information Store MSExchangeIS
Information Store (Mailbox) MSExchangeIS Mailbox
Information Store (Public Folder) MSExchangeIS Public
Information Store (System) MSExchangeIS
Lotus cc:mail MSExchangeCCMC
Lotus Notes Message Center MSExchangeNMC
Message Transfer Agent MSExchangeMTA
Message Transfer Agent Connections MSExchangeMTA Connections
MS Mail Connector Interchange MSExchangeMSMI
MS Mail Connector Mail Transfer Agent MSExchangePCMTA
Name Service Provider Interface (Active Directory Integration) MSExchangeSA-NSPI Proxy
Network News Transfer Protocol NNTP Commands
Network News Transfer Protocol Server NNTP Server
Novell Groupwise Connector MSExchangeGWC
Ole database events MSExchangeOledb Events
Ole database resources MSExchangeOledb Resources
Post Office Protocol Version 3 MSExchangePOP3
Site Replication Service MSExchangeSRS
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Server
Store Driver Exchange Store Driver (Store)
Video Conferencing IPConf
Web Mail MSExchange Web Mail