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Run Exchange Setup in Disaster Recovery Mode

If a disaster occurs and your entire Exchange server fails, you must review the requirements for disaster recovery, and the recovery guidelines. Then reinstall Windows 2000, restore your system drive, and restore your system state, before run Exchange Setup in disaster recovery mode.

Running Exchange Setup in disaster recovery restores the system configuration and services that Exchange installed originally. Once the configuration is restored, you can recover databases.

To run Exchange Setup in disaster recovery mode:

  1. Verify the Exchange 2000 CD is in the CD-ROM drive.
  2. On the Start menu, point to Run.
  3. On the Start dialog box, in Open, type CD:\Setup\I386\Setup\DisasterRecovery, where CD: is the name of your CD-ROM drive.
  4. In the Exchange 2000 Setup Wizard, you must select every component that was originally installed on the computer to the action Disaster Recovery. If originally installed components are not selected for Disaster Recovery, then you must manually select them.
  5. Important  You must install Exchange 2000 to the same drive and directory that it was installed to on the original server.

  6. During disaster recovery, a dialog box will inform you that you cannot restore Exchange 2000 unless Active Directory still contains a server object for the server being restored. Use Exchange System Manager to verify that the server object still exists for the server you are restoring. If the server object does not exist, the recovery process will not succeed.

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