Migrating to Exchange

Calendar Migration

The Novell GroupWise source extractor migrates calendar information by generating a calendar import file for each user, called a Schedule+ Interchange file (SC2), which contains all calendar data. When users first log on to Exchange using Microsoft Outlook 98 or later versions, they are prompted to choose whether to automatically import the calendar data to the Outlook Calendar. The SC2 file is retained in the message as an attachment and can be imported again later or saved to the disk.

Any item (task, note, or appointment) that is accepted becomes a calendar item. Personal tasks, notes, and appointments are automatically added to the calendar.

Note   The source extractor does not retain formatting for calendar items or accepted items in the user's Outbox, including appointment requests and task assignments.

Migrating Tasks

Tasks migrated from Novell GroupWise appear in Exchange as Outlook tasks. Task priorities in Novell GroupWise range from ZZZ to one (1). Tasks with a priority of ZZZ have the lowest priority; tasks with a priority of 1 are the most urgent and have the highest priority. Priorities set on tasks in Novell GroupWise are mapped to Normal and High priorities in Exchange according to the following rules:

Migrating Notes

Notes migrated from Novell GroupWise appear as all-day events in Outlook; for example, an anniversary reminder note appears as a banner in the calendar. Low, normal, and high priorities transfer without alteration.

Migrating Meetings

Meeting requests that are accepted appear on the calendar as appointments. Meeting request recipients are listed in the message body of the appointment. To reply to all recipients, you must add their names to the To line. Meeting requests that have not yet been accepted are migrated as messages with the recipients listed in the message body.

Migrating Attachments

Attachments are added to the Inbox subfolder called Calendar Attachments. The text of the calendar item points to the location of the attachment.