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Calendar SingleEvents

Events are different from appointments in the following ways:

		Ring:   T
		AlarmAmount:	2
		Text:   "River City 10 mile hike and camp. (Weather permitting.)\
   Call Josh at 555-1232 to make sure it is happening."
		AlarmTypeUnit:  2
		AlarmAmount:	2
		StartDate:	3-2-1996
		EndDate:		3-3-1996

The following table describes the properties of SingleEvents.

Property Values Description
AlarmAmount Integer Amount of time before midnight to issue alarm.
AlarmTypeUnit 0 = Minute
1 = Hour
2 = Day
3 = Week
4 = Month
Type of unit for AlarmAmount.
BusyType 0 = Tentative
1 = Busy
If event should appear busy or tentative.
EndDate (Required) mm-dd-yyyy End date for event.
IsRecurringInstance T or F
Default = F
Indicates if event is instance of recurring series.
Notes   Miscellaneous information.
Ring T or F
Default = T
If alarm was set to ring for event.
StartDate (Required) mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm Start date for event.
Text String Text (description) for event.

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