Migrating   to Exchange

Converting Contacts to Users During Migration

When you migrate mailbox (or directory) information, contacts are converted into users automatically.

How the Wizard Converts Contacts to Users

When the wizard matches migrating mail or directory data to a contact, a new user object is created from that contact object. Users are placed in the container that you specify during migration (not necessarily the container that contains the contact) and the contact information is deleted.

Updating Groups in Active Directory

Distribution lists for previous versions of Exchange may contain recipients and custom recipients from a variety of sites and systems. When these are upgraded to Exchange 2000 Server, the distribution lists become mail-enabled groups, and the custom recipients become contacts.

During migration, Migration Wizard converts the contacts to users. If the contacts are members of any groups in the domain, the new users replace the contacts in those groups. If the contact and group reside in two different domains that do not have a trust relationship, the group is not updated.