Migrating to Exchange

Directory Information

In a DIRECTORY section, each line of data can create or modify any mailbox, contact, or group in Active Directory. Each directory import section of the primary file begins with DIRECTORY, followed by a header line. Each line thereafter is one object. Example...

Obj-class,Mode,Common-Name,Display-Name,Last Name,First Name,Secondary-Proxy-Addresses,Home-Server
mailbox,create,ElizaB,Elizabeth Boyle,Boyle,Elizabeth,MIGRATE:PROFS:Sydney(EBoyle),~Server
mailbox,create,KevinY,Kevin Yim,Yim,Kevin,MIGRATE:PROFS:Sydney(YKevin),~Server
mailbox,create,BerryJ,Jo Berry,Jo,Berry,MIGRATE:PROFS:Sydney(JBerry),~Server

Important   Items in the DIRECTORY section cannot have pointers to data in the secondary file. All data in the DIRECTORY section must be in the primary file.

In the primary file, the Mode header field is required and must always be set to Create. If the object already exists, an error is reported.

Tip   For effective organization, it is helpful to create one primary file that contains all directory information. You can call the file Directory.pri.

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