Migrating to Exchange

Editing Migration Files

You can edit migration files to change or add data. You edit the primary files after they are extracted and before they are imported with Migration Wizard.

Caution   Editing the secondary files is not recommended. Changes to secondary files require recalculating all offsets and then updating the primary file.

You may want to edit the primary files for the following reasons:

Important   Editing migration files can introduce invalid or incorrect data. Make a backup of all migration files before editing them.

If you are creating your own source extractor, you can avoid editing the primary file by configuring the source extractor. For example, you can configure the source extractor to create given names and surnames, or to accept a text file of the old mailbox names and their new Exchange common names.

Note   Some primary file fields may exceed 255 characters, but some spreadsheet programs cannot hold more than 255 characters in a cell. The extra characters can be truncated without notice, causing data loss.

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