Migrating to Exchange

What is Migrated from Exchange 5.5

Migration Wizard is a basic tool used to migrate mailbox data and simple directory services information. You can use Migration Wizard to migrate the following Exchange 5.5 data:

Item Notes
Directory information Migration Wizard migrates a subset of the attributes from the Exchange 5.5 directory to the Active Directory user object that was created for the migrated mailbox.
Mailbox content Migration Wizard migrates the messages and information in the Calendar, Contacts, Deleted Items, Drafts, Inbox, Journal, Notes, Sent Items, and Task folders. The folder structure of the Exchange 5.5 mailbox is reflected in the Exchange 2000 mailbox.

You cannot use Migration Wizard to migrate the following items:

Item Notes
Inbox rules Inbox rules must be re-created after migration.
Public folders Migration Wizard does not migrate either public folder contents or the public folder hierarchy. This includes messages and other items, such as forms, stored in public folders.
Public folder permissions Migration Wizard does not maintain public folder properties or permissions for migrated mailboxes. After migration, migrated mailboxes must have their public folder permissions updated in the destination site.
Out-of-office messages If a user selects the I am currently Out of the Office option (using the Out of Office Assistant) and migration occurs while this option is selected, the option will be reset. After migration, the I am currently Out of the Office option must be reset.
Offline folder files Migration Wizard does not update the offline folder files for each migrated mailbox. Because the offline folder files might be outdated, mailbox users who have offline folder files must delete them after migration.
Offline address books Migration Wizard does not maintain offline address books during migration. Default settings are added to any customized settings. After migration, you must regenerate offline address books and users must download them after regeneration.
Profile Migration Wizard does not update the profile of each migrated mailbox. Mailbox users must create new profiles.
Personal Address Book Migration Wizard does not update entries in the Personal Address Book stored on a client computer. When you migrate an Exchange 5.5 mailbox, Personal Address Book entries for the mailbox user no longer contain valid addresses.
Signature validation Migration Wizard does not maintain signature validation. Users with advanced security might not be able to validate the signatures on messages sent before migration.
Encrypted messages Existing encryption keys will not be available after migration. To avoid the risk of losing access to messages if their keys are lost, users should decrypt encrypted messages before migration.

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