Migrating   to Exchange

How Lotus RTF Converts to Microsoft RTF

Messages containing Lotus RTF, such as bold, font size, and color, are converted to Microsoft RTF in Exchange. This is done using the Lotus RTF converter that is included with the Lotus Notes client. Not all attributes can be converted correctly. The following table shows which attributes are correctly mapped in migrated messages.

Lotus RTF Attribute Microsoft RTF Attribute
Size Mapped correctly
Color Mapped correctly
Bold Mapped correctly
Underline Mapped correctly
Italic Mapped correctly
Strikethrough Mapped correctly
Tables Mapped correctly
Embedded OLE objects, including graphics Mapped correctly, can be edited
Font name Always Times Roman
Double strikethrough Ignored
Superscript Ignored
Subscript Ignored
Shadow Ignored
Outline Converted to italic
Emboss Ignored
Engrave Ignored
Small caps Ignored
All caps Ignored
Drop caps Ignored
Hidden text Ignored, text is visible
Underline other than single Ignored
Bitmaps not embedded as OLE objects Not migrated