Migrating to Exchange

How Migration Wizard Maps Data

To make the best use of Migration Wizard, you need to understand the types of data the wizard migrates to the information store and how the wizard updates Active Directory.

Data Mapping

Depending on the messaging system, Migration Wizard can extract different types of data; for example, a Novell GroupWise notes item maps to an Exchange all-day event and the event is migrated to the information store. The sections on each different messaging system explain in detail what types of data are migrated and how they are mapped.

Note   When Migration Wizard moves e-mail messages from a folder in a mailbox to an Exchange mailbox that already has a folder of the same name, the wizard creates a second folder in the Exchange mailbox and appends the number 1 to the name of the second folder; for example, a migrated folder called Drafts becomes Drafts (1) in Outlook.

Active Directory Object Mapping

When Migration Wizard imports directory information from your existing messaging system into Exchange, it writes information to Active Directory. Migration Wizard copies the user information from your source directory, searches Active Directory to find matches, and adds the information to the matching object or creates a new object based on the migrated information.

Although Migration Wizard compares existing Windows user accounts in Active Directory to accounts it is migrating from your source directory, duplicate accounts may be created during the migration process. In addition, because many processes and tools can populate Active Directory (including upgrading a Windows NT domain or using Active Directory Connector or Exchange mail connectors), multiple user accounts for the same user can be created in the same Windows 2000 forest. Each account contains information specific to the application that created the account. Exchange provides the Active Directory Account Cleanup Wizard to assist you in merging duplicate user accounts.

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