Migrating to Exchange

Migrated Exchange 5.5 Attributes

Migration Wizard migrates selected attributes from the Exchange 5.5 directory to the Active Directory user object for the migrated mailbox. These attributes are listed in the following table:

Exchange 5.5 Attributes Attribute Names in Active Directory
Display-Name displayName (also used as cn value)
Given-Name givenName
Surname sn
Proxy-Addresses proxyAddresses
Mail-nickname mailNickname
(also known as CustomAttribute 1 – 15)
ExtensionAttribute1 - 15
Initials initials
Comment info
Assistant-Name secretary
Telephone-Mobile mobile
Locality-Name l
Company company
Text-Country co
Title title
Physical-Delivery-Office-Name physicalDeliveryOfficeName
Telephone-Fax facsimileTelephoneNumber
Telephone-Office1 telephoneNumber
Telephone-Home homePhone
State-Or-Province-Name st
Address streetAddress
Postal-Code postalCode
Telephone-Assistant telephoneAssistant
Telephone-Office2 otherTelephone
Telephone-Home2 otherHomePhone
Telephone-Pager pager
Department department

To check the common names of Exchange 5.5 attributes, use the Exchange 5.5 Administrator tool in raw mode:

  1. At the command prompt of the server running Exchange 5.5, type drive:\exchsvr\bin\admin.exe -r.
    This command starts the Exchange 5.5 Administrator tool in raw mode.
  2. Open the Recipients container.
  3. Click a user object, and then on the File menu, click Raw property.
  4. Click Attribute Type, and then click All.
  5. Click an item in the Object Attributes list to see its common name.