Migrating to Exchange

Migrating in One or Two Steps

Your overall migration plan may be complex and require considerable planning. Review Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Planning and Installation for help.

However, Migration Wizard follows only two basic paths; you can choose to migrate your system in one step or two.

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A one-step migration, which is shown in the illustration, extracts mail and directory data from the other messaging system server and imports it directly to Exchange and Active Directory.

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In a two-step migration, which is shown in the illustration, you first extract migration files from the foreign server (and optionally review or edit the migration files), and then import the migration files to Exchange. When you run Migration Wizard a second time, on the Migration screen, click Import from Migration Files.

Note   When migrating from Microsoft Mail, select Migrate from MS Mail for PC Networks to perform both the first and second step of your migration.

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