Migrating   to Exchange

Migrating Mail Message Files

Mail message files (MMFs) store mail, attachments, and PABs for Windows and OS/2 clients using Microsoft Mail for PC Networks version 3.x. The MMFs can be stored in the postoffice share in the MMF directory, or they can be moved to another location on the client; for example, the user's local drive.

If the MMFs are stored locally, rather than migrating them using Migration Wizard, users can import their MMFs directly using Outlook.

The following table describes the benefits and drawbacks of moving MMF files to different locations.

Location of MMF Files Benefits Drawbacks
Users move MMFs to the postoffice.
  • MMFs can be purged of old information with MMFClean before migration.
  • Data is migrated with Migration Wizard.
  • Burden on the help desk is reduced the day after migration.
  • Migration Wizard may take more time to migrate the MMFs.
  • You cannot reset mailbox password until after MMFs are migrated.
  • Users must import their PAB entries.
  • Space on the server for the postoffice may be insufficient.
Users move MMFs to local storage.
  • Migration Wizard can migrate the postoffice quickly.
  • Migration of the postoffice won't log errors because of corrupt MMFs.
  • Individual users and the help desk, which supports users migrating their own MMFs, experience increased workload.
  • The administrator cannot purge locally stored information.
Outlook users with Microsoft Mail Information Service move personal folder (.pst) files to local storage.
  • Personal folder files do not have to be migrated.
  • Users must be informed of proper procedure.