Migrating to Exchange

PAB Entries and Personal Distribution Lists

In a PAB section, you can enter new PAB or personal distribution list data, or you can move existing data into the migration file. Example...

entry,Karan Khanna,SMTP:Karank@litwareinc.com,Karan,Khanna,,,,,,,\\
entry,Dad,X400:/C=US/A= /P=NWTraders/G=Joe/S=Khanna,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
dl,My Friends,X400:/C=US/A= \\

Note   The PAB section title must be followed by the secondary-proxy-address of the associated user.

The following table describes the fields in the header line. Only the first three fields (Obj-class, Display-Name, and Email-Address) are required, but the header line must have all the fields in the order shown. Only the first three fields and the Note heading are valid for personal distribution lists.

Heading Description
Obj-class (Required) Describes the type of entry. For a single recipient, use Entry. For personal distribution lists, use Dl.
Display-Name (Required) Friendly name.
Email-Address (Required) E-mail address or addresses. For personal distribution lists, use a semicolon to separate addresses. (If the source system doesn't support this information, put in the following invalid data: USER: Display-Name.)
First Given name.
Last Surname.
Address Street address.
City City name.
State State or province.
Zip Zip or postal code.
Country Recipient's country.
Title Position in the company.
Company Company name.
Department Department name or number.
Office Office location.
Assistant Assistant's name.
Bus-Num Primary business telephone number.
Bus2-Num Secondary business telephone number.
Assist-Num Telephone number of the recipient's assistant.
Fax-Num Fax number.
Home-Num Primary home telephone number.
Home2-Num Secondary home telephone number.
Mobile-Num Cellular telephone number.
Pager-Num Pager number.
Note Description or note for this entry or distribution list.

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