Migrating to Exchange

What is Migrated from Collabra Share

Migration Wizard converts Collabra Share forums and categories to Exchange public folders and subfolders.

Migration Wizard migrates the following forum and category properties.

Collabra Share Exchange 2000 Server
Forum Public folder.

Note   If you have forums with the same name in Collabra Share, they are migrated into one public folder on Exchange. It is best to change identical folder names in Collabra Share.

Category name Subfolder name.
Document Posted message in a public folder. Attached files are migrated as message attachments.
Message thread Message with the original title as the conversation topic.

Note   Forums can be located outside the Collabra Share database directory structure; however, Migration Wizard does not detect forums outside the Collabra Share directory structure. To migrate these forums, run Migration Wizard a second time and type the path to their location.

Tip   You can control which items you migrate on Migration Wizard's Migration Information screen.

Migration Wizard does not migrate the following data:

Default permissions Permissions set on individual forums are not preserved; you must select None, Author, or Publishing Editor in Migration Wizard for all forums during a migration. When forums have mixed permissions, it is best to choose None and then recreate them in System Manager.
Encrypted forums and documents Decrypt forums and documents within Collabra Share before running Migration Wizard.
Forum membership lists and permissions Recreate these items in Exchange.
Message template information This information is not migrated.
Drafts of forum documents Users must post documents in forums before they can be migrated.