Migrating to Exchange

What is Migrated from Internet Directories

Migration Wizard migrates information from Internet directory objects with an LDAP source extractor.

Note   The Internet directory information must be compliant with LDAP.

The source extractor migrates directory objects and their attributes according to the ADSI schema mapping file (Mlmigad.ini), which is found in the Exchsrvr\Bin folder. If your LDAP directory names are different from those listed in the file, you must update the file appropriately.

An abridged version of the file is shown in the following table.

LDAP Source Extractor Object or Attribute Name Source Mail System Object or Attribute Name (Default) Object or Attribute Description
ADSI_ObjectClass InetOrgPerson Mail user object. This attribute is required.
ADSI_UserID Uid ID used by the IMAP extractor to log in to the IMAP mailbox. This attribute is required.
ADSI_MailServer MailHost Mail server name used by the IMAP extractor to log in to the IMAP mailbox. This attribute is required.
ADSI_EmailAddress Mail Address used as a secondary proxy address in Exchange for the IMAP extractor to log in to the Exchange mailbox. Mail sent to this address is routed to the Exchange mailbox. This attribute is required.
ADSI_FullName Blank by default Exchange display name. If this is left blank, a display name is created from ADSI_FirstName and ADSI_LastName.
ADSI_NickName Uid The user's short name, which is used for the Exchange alias.
ADSI_AlternateAddress MailAlternateAddress Additional Exchange Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) user address.
ADSI_FirstName GivenName First name (given name).
ADSI_LastName Sn Last name (surname).
ADSI_Initials Initials Middle initial.
ADSI_Title Title The user's title.
ADSI_TelephoneHome HomePhone Home telephone number.
ADSI_TelephoneMobile Mobile Mobile telephone number.
ADSI_TelephoneNumber TelephoneNumber Telephone number.
ADSI_TelephonePager Pager Pager number.
ADSI_PostalAddress PostalAddress Postal address.
ADSI_Comment (not mapped) Optional additional directory attribute.

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