Migrating to Exchange

What is Migrated from Lotus cc:Mail

You can use Migration Wizard to extract the following data.

Item Notes
Mailboxes Directory information for users is migrated to Active Directory, and mail data is migrated to the mailbox store.

Note   Lotus cc:Mail user names and bulletin boards containing a quote character (") cannot be migrated. You must remove the character from the user or bulletin board name in Lotus cc:Mail before extracting the mailbox.

Folders The Lotus cc:Mail Desktop Client may create a hidden folder called Clipboard in a user's mailbox. This folder is used by the client for internal purposes. If this folder is found in the user's mailbox, Migration Wizard migrates the folder and any messages it contains to the user's new Exchange mailbox. After migration, the user can retain or delete this folder and its contents.
Messages Message attachments are also migrated.
Drafts Lotus cc:Mail uses its Drafts folder to hold unsent messages. Messages in the Drafts folder are migrated to the user's Inbox folder. After migration, the user can move these unsent messages to any folder.
Personal mail lists You can extract personal mail lists using Migration Wizard.

Note   Individual mail users can use Microsoft Importer for Lotus cc:Mail Archives, which is in the Migrate folder on the Exchange CD, to migrate private directories.

Public bulletin boards Migration creates a public folder structure that represents the old cc:Mail bulletin boards. If you continue to use the cc:Mail connector, you can connect Exchange public folders and cc:Mail bulletin boards.

Note   The user information migrated for bulletin board messages contains only the name of that bulletin board, not the recipients. This is a limitation of the Lotus cc:Mail Export program.

Passwords (for DB8 only) User passwords in Lotus cc:Mail are changed to random passwords. Random passwords are saved in a file called Ccmail.password in the directory specified for migration files. After migration, if Lotus cc:Mail users need to access their old mailboxes, they must receive new passwords.

Lotus cc:Mail Mobile users can migrate all their existing messages and attachments to Exchange.

Tip   You can control which items you migrate in the Migration Information screen of Migration Wizard.

Migration Wizard does not migrate the following.

Item Notes
Public mail lists You can create Exchange public folders that correspond to the distribution groups on your existing system or you can use the Export.exe utility to update distribution lists.
Personal mail archives See the section on migrating personal archives and use Microsoft Importer for Lotus cc:Mail Archives, which is in the Migrate folder on the Exchange CD.
Public Address Book and Mobile Public Address Book These are not migrated.
Rules Users should be advised to print their rules. After migration, users can reestablish the rules in Outlook using the Inbox Assistant.
Lotus Organizer information Outlook provides an importer for Lotus Organizer calendars. Users can import their calendars after installing Outlook. Lotus Organizer versions 1.0, 1.1, and 2.x are supported.