Migrating to Exchange

What is Migrated from Lotus Notes

Migration Wizard can copy the following information to migration files.

Item Notes
Message These include e-mail, phone, and discussion messages. Attachments are migrated with the message. Migration Wizard supports messages based on the standard templates that are included with Lotus Notes and Domino. If you have customized templates with additional properties, note that the wizard does not migrate the additional properties. For more information, see the documentation for Application Converter for Lotus Notes in the Migrate folder.

Note   Unsent messages specified for delayed delivery are migrated as sent items in Outlook.

Document links You can convert document links to URL shortcuts, OLE attachments, or RTF attachments. For more information, on the Migration Information screen of the Migration Wizard, click Help.
Calendar information The calendar includes appointments, notes, and tasks. Lotus Notes and Domino users should accept or decline all meeting requests in their mail databases before migration. When accepted meeting requests are processed, the information is moved to the calendar and migrated as a calendar entry. If requests are not responded to, they are converted to text messages during migration, and then users must add the appointments to the calendar manually.

Tip   You can control which items you migrate on the Migration Information screen in Migration Wizard.

Migration Wizard does not migrate the following items.

Item Notes
Custom applications Migration Wizard does not migrate custom applications; however, you can replace some workgroup applications with public folders or custom forms. Other applications can be modified to work with Exchange; for example, you can convert Lotus Notes applications using Exchange Application Converter for Lotus Notes. You can find the tool on the Exchange CD in the Migrate folder. Exchange supports applications based on MAPI, Common Messaging Calls (CMC), and Collaboration Data Objects (CDO).
Encrypted messages Because the source extractor cannot obtain access to users' private keys, Migration Wizard cannot migrate encrypted messages.

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