Migrating to Exchange

What is Migrated from Novell GroupWise

You can use Migration Wizard to extract the following data.

Item Notes
Messages These include phone messages and discussion messages (for GroupWise 5.x only).

Note   Unsent messages specified for delayed delivery are migrated as sent items in Outlook.

Folder structure GroupWise folders are migrated to Outlook folders with the same names.
Attachments Attachments to calendar items are migrated to the Calendar Attachments folder. The message body of the calendar item is appended with a message pointing to the location of the attachments.
Calendar information This includes tasks, notes, and meeting requests; however, there are some special considerations to be aware of.
Archive files To migrate archive files to Exchange, users must move the files to the GroupWise message store on the GroupWise server.

Tip   You can control which items you migrate on the Migration Information screen in Migration Wizard.

Migration Wizard does not migrate the following items.

Item Notes
Character formatting of data in GroupWise message bodies For example, fonts and WordPerfect characters; however, information about positional formatting such as tabs, spacing, and new lines is retained.
GroupWise filters, rules, and resources Filters and rules can be re-created in Outlook after migration.
External gateway addresses, distribution lists, group addresses, personal group addresses, and personal address books Gateway addresses, distribution lists, and group addresses can be re-created in Exchange after migration. (For GroupWise 5.x only, users can import the Novell Personal Address Book (PAB) into Outlook and re-create personal group addresses after migration.)
Security settings for messages For example, messages classified as Confidential are migrated as normal messages.
Deleted or archived messages These are not migrated.
Documents in the GroupWise document library These are not migrated.
Comments (GroupWise 5.x only) When a GroupWise 5.x user accepts or declines an appointment, note, or task, he or she can enter comments. These comments are not migrated.