Migrating to Exchange

What Migration Wizard Does

Migration Wizard extracts data from other messaging systems and imports it to Active Directory and the information store.

In Active Directory, the wizard performs the following functions:

In the information store, the wizard performs the following function:

Controlling Which Users and Which Data to Migrate

In addition, the wizard allows you to control what you migrate. You can:

If you use a two-step migration, extracting data first and importing data later, you can edit the migration files between steps.

What Migration Wizard Does Not Do

In general, Migration Wizard does not migrate personal archives, convert custom applications (for example, from Lotus Notes), or migrate distribution lists. You cannot use Migration Wizard to move mailboxes within the same organization (unless you are rebuilding the server where the mailboxes reside).

For a complete list of items that are not migrated for each messaging system, consult the "What is Migrated..." topic for each system.

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