Migrating to Exchange

Migrate from Collabra Share

Migration Wizard supports migration from forums created by Collabra Share versions 1.0 and 2.x.

To migrate from Collabra Share to Exchange:

  1. For the account used during migration, provide Read permissions on all directories and files in the Collabra Share directory for both the workstation and client/server editions of Collabra Share.
  2. If necessary, decrypt Collabra Share forums. The Migration Wizard does not migrate encrypted data.
  3. Run Migration Wizard.

    Note   You must run Migration Wizard once for each language in multiple language forums.

  4. If necessary, migrate forums with multiple language content.
  5. If necessary, modify public folder views after migration.After you migrate forums to Exchange, you can modify the folder views in Outlook to group the public folder contents by conversation topic. If you don't modify the default public folder view, the documents in a forum or category may look different than they did in Collabra Share. For information on how to modify the default public folder view, see the Outlook online documentation.

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