Migrating to Exchange

Migrate from Lotus Notes

Although the planning and implementation phases of a Lotus Notes migration can be complex, using Migration Wizard to move users, messages, and calendar information to Exchange is fairly straightforward.

To migrate from Lotus Notes:

  1. Reduce the amount of data to be migrated, if possible.
  2. Create a Lotus Notes ID.
  3. Install the Lotus Notes client software.
  4. Prevent access to the Lotus Notes domain by Lotus Notes clients and administrator programs during migration.
  5. Stop the services used by Connector for Lotus Notes (if you're using it) before migrating user accounts; otherwise, after the Lotus Notes accounts have been migrated, they may be deleted from the Lotus Notes system during directory synchronization with Active Directory. You can restart the connector after you've verified that migration of the users and their mail was completed successfully.
  6. Run Migration Wizard.
  7. Verify that the migration was completed successfully before restarting the connector services.

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