Migrating to Exchange

Migration Tools Overview

Exchange includes the following migration tools.

Tool Description
Migration Wizard A stand-alone application that is installed on your computer during Exchange setup. Migration Wizard consists of two types of components: source extractors and a migration file importer. Source extractors copy directory information, messages, and calendar information from various messaging systems. They save the data in and intermediate file format that can be read by the migration file importer. After the information is in an intermediate file format, the migration file importer imports directory information to Active Directory and then adds messaging data to Information Store.You can perform both steps in this two-step process (extract and then import) the same time or in separate steps.
Stand-alone source extractors Additional stand-alone extractors for Microsoft Mail for AppleTalk Networks and IBM PROFS, NetSys (formerly Verimation MEMO), and Digital ALL-IN-1 host systems. These extractors are not integrated into Migration Wizard, but after extraction, you can use the wizard to import the extracted files. The files are located on the Exchange CD in the Migrate folder.
Personal message archive importers Outlook 2000 users can use the Outlook 2000 Import feature to import data to Outlook 2000 personal stores. This method supports importing a wide variety of archives and address books, including Microsoft Mail archives, Lotus cc:Mail archives and private directories, Schedule+ interchange files, and Lotus Organizer files. Users with cc:Mail can also use the stand-alone Microsoft Importer for Lotus cc:Mail Archives, which is located in the Migrate folder on the Exchange CD, to import data to Exchange 2000 Server.
Exchange Application Converter for Lotus Notes An integrated set of tools that enable you to migrate complex Lotus Notes applications into Outlook 2000. The Converter is located on the Exchange CD in the Migrate folder.
Active Directory Account Cleanup Wizard Searches a Windows 2000 forest for possible duplicate Windows 2000 accounts and allows you to merge duplicate accounts.
GroupWise 4.x proxy macro A macro that GroupWise 4.x users can run to grant the required proxy access You can simplify the task of setting proxy access for your GroupWise 4.x users by sending them this macro. A sample macro is included on the Exchange compact disc in the Migrate\Gwise folder.
Mailmig command line utility Used to run migration entirely from a command line.

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