Migrating to Exchange

Change Naming Conventions

Migration is the best time to establish or change a naming convention. To make global changes to directory information during migration, do a two-step migration. After you extract directory and messaging information from your messaging system (the first step), you can edit the migration files. Then import the edited migration files to Exchange (the second step).

Tip   You can also edit the names of users from within Migration Wizard by double-clicking new user names in the Windows Account Creation and Association screen; however, if you need to make global changes, it takes less time to edit the migration files.

To change naming conventions by editing migration files:

  1. In Migration Wizard, use the two-step migration process. The first step is to extract data from your messaging system: on the Migration Procedure screen, click Extract migration files only. Then configure Migration Wizard to extract directory information. On the Migration Information screen, select the Information to create mailboxes check box.
  2. Edit the migration files to make global changes to user names or other directory attributes. There is one packing list file named for the post office, a file called Directory.pri that contains the exported users, and one primary and secondary file for each user. Edit the Directory.pri file to conform to a new naming convention.
  3. Perform the second step of migration: import the edited migration files. Users are added to Active Directory with names that conform to your new convention.

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