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Migrating to Exchange

Grant Proxy Access on GroupWise 5.x Mailboxes

Before migrating Novell GroupWise 5.x mailboxes to Exchange, each user must manually grant proxy access to the Novell GroupWise migration account used to perform the migration.

To set up proxy access rights on a Novell GroupWise 5.x client:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click Security.
  2. Click the Proxy Access tab and type the user ID that you are using to migrate GroupWise data or click the address book icon and choose the user from the list that appears. To view the access rights that are currently granted for this user, select the user ID.
  3. Click Read, and then click Write for Mail/Phone, Appointments, Reminder notes, and Tasks.
  4. To include items marked Private, click Read Items Marked Private.
  5. Select OK to apply the changes, and then click Close.