Migrating to Exchange

Migrate Forums with Multiple Language Contents

To migrate Collabra Share forums containing data in different languages to Exchange, you must run Migration Wizard once for each language. It is easiest if the computer you are using to perform the migration uses the same code page as the language used in the Collabra Share forum; for example, if you are migrating a French forum, the server should be a French language server. Exchange uses the code page for the language you are using for the computer running Windows 2000 Server.

If the correct code page is not installed on the computer, you can edit the import file to specify it.

To specify the correct code page:

  1. Run Migration Wizard and perform the first step in a two-step migration to create an import file (Collabra.pkl).
  2. Using a text editor, edit the Collabra.pkl file to specify the code page for the language you are migrating; For example, if you are migrating data from an English Collabra Share forum, the following entry for the U.S. ANSI code page should appear at the beginning of the import file:! CodePage
  3. To complete the migration, run Migration Wizard again and perform the second step of the migration.