Migrating to Exchange

Migrate Exchange 2000 Mailboxes to a New Organization

You can use Migration Wizard to migrate mailboxes from one Exchange 2000 organization to another organization (in a different Active Directory forest). The migration process consists of three phases: preparing to migrate, running Migration Wizard, and completing the migration process.

To migrate to a new organization:

  1. Perform initial Exchange 2000 migration tasks.
  2. To migrate the mailbox users to the new forest, use Active Directory Migration Tool (for more information, see the Windows 2000 Help).
  3. Run Migration Wizard.

  4. Note   If no trust relationship exists between the source Active Directory forest and the target forest, run Migration Wizard in two steps. Migrate the mailboxes to .pst files, move the .pst files to a location that the target server can access, and then run Migration Wizard a second time to migrate the mailboxes from the .pst files to the server. You can also use this technique if you need to re-use the source Exchange server in the target Exchange organization.

  5. Perform final Exchange 2000 migration tasks.

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